BeaverTail Brand Beef Jerky Now Available

Posted at 11/17/17 9:28 AM by Ben Sanders in News

Look for an exciting new product when you visit your local Beef Jerky Outlet store over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise is thrilled to introduce the new BeaverTail Brand of outstanding jerky flavors. BeaverTail Brand beef jerky features our five most popular flavors: Prime Rib, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Cherry Maple and The Reaper, all in 3.25 oz. packages. The new BeaverTail Brand flavors are just one of many Beef Jerky Outlet products ideal for gifting. With a huge selection of over 100 varieties of jerky, Beef Jerky Outlet is your go-to retailer for the holiday season.

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Remember Your Veteran on Veterans Day

Posted at 11/10/17 9:29 AM by Ben Sanders in News

Veterans Day is an official national holiday celebrated on November 11 to honor of all those who have served and sacrificed in the United States Armed Forces. The original holiday was founded as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day to mark the end of the First World War, which ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise takes a special interest in Veterans Day, in part because so many of our Franchise Partners and teammates have served in the armed forces and because it’s just the right thing to do. Remember your own veteran with a trip to the local Beef Jerky Outlet store. Pick up a Beef Jerky Outlet gift card or combo gift box for the veteran in your life.

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Beef Jerky Outlet Stores Now in Over 100 Locations

Posted at 11/3/17 10:15 AM by Ben Sanders in News

Over 100 Beef Jerky Outlet stores are open or planned in over 30 states. Many stores are in busy neighborhood shopping districts or outlet malls. Several of our stores are close by cultural, historical or entertainment venues that add a special aura to the locations. Beef Jerky Outlets always like to be near popular tourist venues; and in some of these are celebrated locales of true renown.

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Halloween Treats at the Beef Jerky Outlet

Posted at 10/27/17 9:28 AM by Ben Sanders in News

Halloween is fast becoming a major unofficial holiday, at least based on consumer spending statistics. Americans will spend $9.1 billion on the haunted holiday in 2017. The nights of universal trick-or-treat are ending due to changing demographics and parental concerns. The big change in Halloween holiday practice is the move to parties and organized social events that don’t involve traditional outdoor trick-or-treating. Beef Jerky Outlet snacks offer some great alternatives to caramel apples and gummy bears. BJO products are a natural for premium Halloween party trays and favors.

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Halloween Cuisine: The Reaper Beef Jerky Chili

Posted at 10/20/17 9:30 AM by Ben Sanders in News

As Halloween approaches, big-box retail stores are offering costumes from Wonderwoman to Zombie Cheerleaders. Halloween is an unofficial national “holiday” that celebrates the strange side of life, and sometimes slides off into the lugubrious world of the undead.

Here at Beef Jerky Outlet we have our own weird side that certainly is appropriate for celebrating Halloween, thanks to artist John Rios. His representation of The Reaper for the label of our beef jerky of the same name is outstandingly scary, to say the least.

The Reaper Beef Jerky Chili is a dish fit for witches, warlocks, hobgoblins and zombie look-a-likes; just remember to keep the heat age appropriate:  what’s good for adult zombies might be too hot for the toddlers.

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Celebrate World Food Day at the Beef Jerky Outlet

Posted at 10/13/17 9:49 AM by Ben Sanders in News

World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16 to observe the founding in 1945 of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The primary objective of World Food Day in to encourage international cooperation in agriculture and food production.

Of course, we know that the spread of food production goes back thousands of years, long before modern oversight by a UN bureaucracy. The history of food is the Story of Mankind; from Stone Age hunter-gatherers to the advent of agriculture some 10-12 thousand years ago, perhaps even earlier.

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Celebrate Columbus Day at the Beef Jerky Outlet

Posted at 10/6/17 10:29 AM by Ben Sanders in News

What does Columbus Day have to do with cowboys and beef jerky? Christopher Columbus brought the first cattle to the New World on his second voyage. Cattle, pigs, sheep and horses made their way to Mexico and the rest of the Americas by way of the Spanish conquistadors or conquerors. We owe much of the language, legend and traditions of the cowboy and the Old West to the Spanish rancheros of Mexico and the Southwest. The Beef Jerky Outlet has carried on and developed these traditions in the quality and variety of our products and our company culture.

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All the Sports of the Fall Season

Posted at 9/29/17 11:20 AM by Ben Sanders in News

In the USA fall is football season. But with all the hooey now associated with pro football, a lot of folks are thinking about all the other fun sports that we can just watch and enjoy. Living in the middle of the TV Age, with big screens at home and bigger screens in the sports bars, many of us are devolving into couch potatoes and lounge lizards. We tend to forget that a lot of people actually participate in sports and outdoor activities.

Consider the sports that start up in fall besides football. In high school and college, we have cross country running, field hockey, soccer, softball, lacrosse, fencing, wrestling and plenty more. The one thing that all these sporting and spectator events have in come is that they build up a heck of an appetite. This is when the Beef Jerky Outlet comes into the picture. BJO beef, turkey, wild game jerky and hunter’s sausage are the plus ultra of portable snacks for sportsguys and sportsgals who need a quick protein kick in midfield.

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Warm It Up with Beef Jerky Outlet Chili Ideas

Posted at 9/22/17 8:15 PM by Ben Sanders in News

The cold weather is on the way, and there is very little we can do about, except putting on some warm clothing. In addition to changing our wardrobe and the furnace filter, we can also change our eating habits and Warm It Up with Beef Jerky Outlet Chili Ideas. We can’t do anything about the weather or the change of seasons, but we can fight back against the chill if we Warm It Up with Beef Jerky Outlet Chili Ideas. Beef Jerky Outlet jerky can be a wonderful addition to traditional chili recipes. In addition, there is a world of authentic Mexican dishes that feature traditional dried meat as a main ingredient that lend themselves to Beef Jerky Outlet jerky.

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Celebrate Autumn Colors at the Beef Jerky Outlet

Posted at 9/14/17 3:27 PM by Ben Sanders in News

The brilliant autumn color change sweeps across the United States from September through November. This grand fall spectacle is a source of visual pleasure from the northern tier to the southern states. Fall is a whole new road trip season that brings out hungry travelers to 100+ BJO stores in 31 states. BJO jerky fans are on the road to harvest festivals, Octoberfest parties, state fairs, chili cook offs, art fairs and who knows what else. If you’re the type that doesn’t look for excuses, get in that new crew cab and head for the closest (or better yet, the farthest) Beef Jerky Outlet store.

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